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Quest's Service Excellence Methodology

Delivering industry-leading experiences that contribute to significant productivity improvements, lower total operating costs, and enhance brand protection.

At its core, service excellence is the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations consistently. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), service delivery is a necessity yet not a core competency. OEMs tend to have many competing priorities, and implementing a service excellence program can be somewhat challenging, given an organization's size, structure, and budget.

To meet and exceed customer expectations, OEMs would require a technical service arsenal consisting of the following minimum elements:

    Resources – A scalable pool of skilled field, depot, and customer care resources trained on all products and processes.
    Facilities – Strategically placed and accredited depot and logistics infrastructure to meet market demands for forward and reverse logistics requirements regardless of install base size.
    Program Management – Full oversight and management of the service infrastructure needed ensuring adherence to key service deliverables required for customers.

Given the ebbs and flows of product lifecycle management and market demand, the ideal scenario for companies trying to implement service excellence requires the creation of intricate models, balancing on-demand resources and facility allocation. Alternatively, the other option would involve carrying the necessary capacity needed, which could be idle yet available to be called upon when required. This approach can add significant overhead expenditures to operating costs; otherwise, limited resources and infrastructure could jeopardize customer experience and brand visibility.

So how do you implement Service Excellence within your organization?

To answer this question, organizationally, it must be determined if a make vs. buy strategy is an option or a possible hybrid variant. If the latter approaches are acceptable, seeking a trusted partner with the breadth of knowledge and expertise with service excellence practices is crucial. Quest's service excellence methodology, paired with global program managed resources and infrastructure, provides a fast track to attaining the ultimate customer experience. Quest has nearly four decades of experience understanding and solving service-related challenges that have impacted global market leaders across multiple industries. OEMs can fractionally utilize Quest's dynamic and agile global footprint to handle full or fractional workloads for simple and complex devices and systems.

By partnering with Quest and shifting your technical, operational resources can help you refocus on core competencies rather than day-to-day service related operations. Thus maximizing your resource utilization and decreasing operational overhead.

To learn more about understanding potential gaps within your service operations and implementing service excellence and other best practice service initiatives please reach out to Quest.

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