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COVID-19 Crisis Support

All Hands on Deck: Scaling To Meet Medical Device Production Demands During the COVID-19 Crisis

At Quest International we recognize that this is an unparalleled time and want to do what we can to help assist in overcoming this pandemic. With the announcement from the U.S. government, looking at medical device manufacturers to increase the production to assist with the COVID-19 outbreak, we've spoken with many of our medical device clients, and a number of them are shifting to increase the production of there critical devices.

We are currently working with them as they are assessing how they can sharply increase their production and minimize impact across the organization as fast as possible. We understand the importance and urgency to take action in the coming days ahead, and most importantly, we know the unique challenges our clients and those in the medical device industry are facing in ramping up production and staying compliant, and we are here to assist. We have expanded our warehouse space to accomodate the increasing demand.

Quest can provide immediate assistance:

    Manufacturing and Assembly of Medical Devices
    Warehousing and Logistics Distribution of Finished Goods
    Field Services to aid in rapid deployment of devices
    Depot Repair and Exchange Services to ensure products are at their maximum utilization
    Virtual Training for Rapid Onboarding

We have over 60,000 sq. ft. of accredited facilities just in our Irvine, CA Headquarters alone with temperature and humidity monitored environments handling Class I, II, and III Medical Devices. We are here to help OEM’s flex to meet the short-term demands required to battle COVID-19. Quest is ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, and ANSI/ESD S.20.20 certified.

If you need immediate support please reach out.

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