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field services

Expand your markets, services, and customer satisfaction, not your overhead.

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2022

As the leading aftermarket support services provider for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, Quest International specializes in:

    Corrective and preventative maintenance field service programs
    Installation, integration, product upgrades, and training on behalf of manufacturers across multiple industries.

Whether the need is for a scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) to ensure reliability, or a more urgent Corrective Maintenance (CM) call Quest can provide prompt, professional, and comprehensive field service solutions.

Quest offers flexible and customizable service level agreements providing timely field corrective actions when they are needed. We create comprehensive service solutions that help our customers with fully program-managed services to ensure outcomes and deliverables are met.

We provide strategically located, experienced Field Service technicians who improve response times to maximize equipment uptime. Our highly professional Field Service Technicians become the extended hands and eyes of our partner OEMs, increasing customer confidence in the services provided.

Quest also offers the convenience of working with a single ISO-Registered field service provider, with the scalability and flexibility to ensure all your service needs are being met. From medical device maintenance to industrial equipment repair and beyond — Quest promptly arrives on-site to provide the needed service.

The Importance of Reliable Field Service

Through Quest, when service calls are scheduled, your customers can expect prompt responsive, professional Field Service Technicians and a well-organized support group. Satisfied customers are generally more brand loyal and are more likely to subscribe to services and to purchase next generation products if their needs and expectations are met. Quest’s field service programs help ensure every client is satisfied with device uptime.

Challenges that most OEMs face in field services:

just in time
Managing a highly specialized workforce to support vast geographies
Setting up internal “Tiger Teams” is costly and response is drastically slower
Prioritizing limited resources to focus between new device installations, existing install base and legacy/End Of Life (EOL) devices
Ensuring consistency & data visibility when using distributors or resellers for service execution
Lowering service delivery costs while reducing downtime
Adapting to changes in technology

How is Quest different from other service vendors?

At Quest International, we pride ourselves on the care and detail that goes into every service work order executed. We use our OEM clients' service management systems, ensuring OEM stakeholders are updated every step of the way, providing complete transparency into our process. Quest’s specialized technicians get trained and certified on OEM products ensuring that only properly trained professionals are dispatched for field service events.

We can lighten the service load for you by taking on some or all field service activities so that your team can focus on the next generation of products.

Expertise on-demand. Just in time.

just in time
Service as fast and as far-reaching as you need
Fill in operational gaps
Holding the line on overhead
Expertise in key industries
Legacy and end-of-life product support
Specialized services
Scalability / Flexibility
Comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities

Quest Field Services

field services
Corrective Maintenance Programs (CM)
Preventive Maintenance Programs (PM)
Installation & Upgrade Programs
End-User Training Programs
Field Repairable Units
Field Corrective Actions
Hardware / Software Upgrades
Device History Records (DHRs)
Device Testing, Calibration & Certification

Master Training Programs

Quest offers a “Master Training Program” allowing our personnel to be certified on your systems and have the ability to execute future training autonomously. This program takes on the challenge of training new resources required for growth and expansion, while freeing up your time to focus on other priorities and new customers. All Master Training curricula follow OEM guidelines and is incorporated within Quest’s ISO accredited Quality Management System with scheduled refresher training and retention assurances.

Systems and Tools

Customer Experience Validation

what to look for

Digital Support Records

As many organizations undergo the digital transformation journey, it is helpful to know a service partner like Quest has experience supporting partner companies through the process. As a part of Quest’s service delivery offering and commitment to efficiency, Quest leverages an end-to-end digital solution stack to provide real-time metrics and traceability for services delivered.

nps surveys

Digital Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys (White Labeled)

Validating Customer Experience is crucial to maintaining branding integrity. Lack of visibility to your customers' experience can leave a lasting impression on clients if not addressed swiftly. Quest understands the unique challenges that can arise during the service delivery process — whether performed internally by your organization or through partnership. Quest’s turnkey service offerings are paired with “white labeled” digital survey solutions administered on behalf of manufacturers. These Net Promoter Score (NPS) based surveys are collected on behalf of our OEM clients, ensuring full visibility of their customer’s service experience from start to finish.

business reviews

Recurring Business Reviews

As a part of our Continuous Improvement program, Quest collects meticulous service data gathered during field service, depot, and logistics activities. We provide aggregated details on Key Performance Indicators and Performance Metrics outlined by clients to ensure best practices are being followed. Quest’s operational and quality stakeholders play a key role in reviewing activity and implementing best practices to ensure Service Excellence standards are achieved on behalf of our clients, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Digital Software Stack

As an end-to-end global technical services organization, Quest has implemented a full software service stack providing everything from field dispatch and install base visibility to depot repair, logistics, and inventory management. This solution from Quest allows OEMs to avoid pricey service management and ERP implementations of their own.

Customer Portals - QuestNetSM Service and Asset Tracking

QuestNetSM is Quest’s proprietary, cloud-based asset management and service tracking tool. It is a customer facing portal allowing OEM’s to track field activity and spare parts logistics activities in real time. QuestNetSM sends proactive alerts for all events, ensuring your teams are fully engaged until service completion.

CRM - Field Service Management

Quest’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is fully integrated within its software stack to manage everything from field service scheduling activities and digital time and material capture, to customized service completion surveys. This process workflow ensures that all aspects of field activity, on–time delivery, and customer satisfaction are captured.

ERP – Logistics & Spare Parts Management

Quest offers on-demand and incremental warehouse space to manage spare parts and logistics for field activities. Spare part shipments and inventory management are handled with the utmost care, and solutions are crafted to meet our client’s global market and diverse delivery requirements. Our customized ERP system is designed to track minimum stocking levels and lead times to receive spare parts, ensuring the optimal availability of critical parts required to maximize system uptime.

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to automate administrative data entry processes, Quest constantly strives to maximize productivity in its warehouses while ensuring all necessary compliance and document traceability requirements are followed.

The Quest Difference

Outcome Based Service
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Turnkey Solutions
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Extension of Your Team
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Service Excellence Methodology
service excellence

Master Training Programs
master training programs

Quest is focused on providing its OEM customers with the most professional Field Support within the industry. We understand the importance of providing the end user with a service experience that reflects positively on our customer.

Our philosophy is that Quest is more than just another service vendor, Quest strives to be an accountable transparent OEM partner performing our service as if we are the OEM. This philosophy helps our customers to be confident the service side of the business is handled with the quality and professionalism expected while saving on management time and overall cost.

Partner with Quest and experience the Quest Difference.

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Commitment to Quality

Since 1982, Quest International has delivered the highest standards of quality in our services, products, and solutions. Our commitment is backed by continuous improvement through education, training, teamwork, and innovation, and demonstrated by internationally-recognized quality certifications:

Quest USA

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 13485:2016 Certified

ISO 14001:2015 Certified

ISO 27001:2022 Certified



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