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Healthcare Customer Care Solutions

Healthcare Customer Care Solutions
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From product and warranty support to order management, our flexible help desk staff can be trained to meet a medical device manufacturer's unique needs.

A customer's experience is paramount to the success of a brand. Value, features, and functionality are significant factors in commercializing your product; however, one of the main drivers of true brand loyalty is dependent on the customer service experience. From evaluations to ordering, installation to training, and finally, customer and technical service, it is essential to provide the highest level of end to end support to ensure brand resiliency.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) must take into account the customer experience journey, implementing innovative ways to provide the ultimate customer experience, thus ensuring long-term brand loyalty.

Partnering with Quest allows an OEM to incorporate and enhance Service Excellence into its Customer Care process, enabling OEM’s to leverage Quest’s flexible staff, which includes phone support specialists and the latest tools and technology, providing a turnkey customer care experience without the investment in capital equipment, personnel, and other related costs. Quest offers a "white-labeled" customer care experience that provides OEM’s full brand control throughout its customer care experience.

Quest’s Customer Care Solutions Include:

    Call Center Services & Support
    Digital S.O.S Services
    IT Connectivity and Performance Monitoring Services
    Remote Merged Reality Training and Support

Call Center Services & Support

Are current help desk employees overwhelmed? Do highly trained technicians answer phones? If so, should resources expertise be allocated elsewhere?

OEMs can train Quest’s flexible help desk staff to meet unique needs from technical and warranty support to order management.

Quest has the skills and experience to augment, replace, and enhance call center service and support with its on-demand multilingual staff. With any quality product, customers expect the highest level of support — and Quest can deliver it. By outsourcing customer service calls to a partner like Quest, a company can re-focus its time and core business resources into product innovation and enhancing customer experience.

Responsive, attentive customer support, not only results in the first-call resolution but ensures brand advocates for life. Whether an end-user customer has a technical question, warranty inquiry, or requires more in-depth training on products, Quest's technicians are thoroughly trained on a product - and act on behalf of the OEM.

Typical Call Center Services Include:

    Warranty Entitlement Support
    Level 1 & Level 2 Technical Support
    Clinical Training Support
    Order Management

Digital S.O.S.

Do customers only have one way to engage in getting support? Are in-house support teams overwhelmed with requests? Is the phone queue jammed with calls? Learn how a Digital S.O.S. strategy can streamline support engagement.

Digital S.O.S. is a unique way to offer a simple, accessible communication channel for customers to engage with customer support teams. This new custom branded digital lightweight software agent is loaded directly onto a customer’s workstation and used for a wide range of services, as simple as a general Instruction for Use (IFU) inquiry to tier 2 technical support.

Implementation of a Digital S.O.S. solution provides customers with a streamlined easily accessible way to:

    Create Service Requests with the click of a button
    Share screenshots of errors or issues they are experiencing
    Create an automated call back process

A Digital S.O.S. strategy gives customers a unique and rapid, real-time customer experience that delivers Best in Class service.

IT Connectivity and Performance Monitoring

Connectivity and data are becoming ubiquitous in modern-day devices. While manufactured devices have a specific purpose and function for markets served, there is a heavy interdependency on software applications and connectivity to ensure devices are operating optimally within their "Ecosystem."

While many devices have an Internet of Things "IoT" component that transmits diagnostic data to remote care experts in real-time, this IoT data may not provide visibility into the EcoSystem which it resides. IoT data is only one piece of the equation.

In many instances, OEM devices are controlled by applications and technology functioning through a Human Machine Interface (HMI) element. Failures within the HMIs consist of 3rd party hardware and software solutions, which typically go undetected given the lack of tools developed by manufacturers including:


    Network & Wireless Equipment
    ISP Connectivity


    Operating Systems

In many cases, degradation in the HMI's can become a single point of failure with a solution's overall health.

Quest's Connectivity and Performance Monitoring solutions are easily installed on a system running critical applications and monitors software applications, dependent services (databases, webservers, core processes), hardware performance metrics, and IT connectivity elements that may be outside the purview. The solution ensures that the Ecosystem a device is connected is performing optimally.

Quest's Connectivity and Performance monitoring tools are custom "branded" and accomplish the following:

    Proactive Real-time alert generation triggered by performance degradation or failures
    Initiates automated workflows to open cases, restart dependent services or processes that may impact a devices applications functionality
    Leverage Quest’s help desk to remediate IT issues round the clock
    Generate trending statistics and reports of the HMI and network health at a customer site

Implementation of IT connectivity and performance monitoring solution within a Customer Care strategy ensures visibility into a global install base’s health. It demonstrates the proactive response to critical issues within a customer's environment, ensuring maximum uptime.

Remote Merged Reality Training and Support

Are field and technical support resources working overtime or spread thin? Is it difficult for customers to provide better visuals of their support challenges? If so, OEMs need to look into how they provide technical support in the field. With Quest's Face 2 Face Live Stream Support services, it takes technical field support to the next level. Live Stream support provides customers or field service technicians with access to remote Tier 2 support agents equipped with the latest virtual streaming technology. This real-time solution creates an immersive "remote" troubleshooting session, allowing for a quick and efficient way to solve issues that arise in the field with limited field expertise.

Live Stream Support presents an intuitive and efficient approach to troubleshooting and resolving support issues without deploying field technicians on site. When travel restrictions are in place or time is of the essence, this solution is ideal to visually see the customers' systems and on-site guide personnel through corrective actions to get the system up and running again.

Why Choose Quest?

Cloud-based Technology — Quest has multiple communication channels available, including inbound and outbound voice, email and webchat

Flexible & Scalable – Quest's agile infrastructure provides optimal flexibility to scale up or down as your call center demand fluctuates

Detailed analytics — Quest's provides critical analytics, including the total number of calls received, average on-call time, total on-call time, and call distribution. These metrics give a better understanding of call volumes at specific periods of the day so you can scale appropriately

Quality – Quest maintains a strict adherence to ISO quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015, 13485:2016, 14001:2015

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