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24x7 Help Desk & Remote Monitoring

24x7 Help Desk & Remote Monitoring
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Should issues arise, Quest's IT technicians are on-call and ready to assist. Anytime.

Everyone occasionally has problems with a computer, printer, or server — and those issues always seem to occur at the worst times. Usually, the next few hours are filled with frantic troubleshooting and increasing frustration. If you’d like to avoid this situation, it’s time to enlist Quest’s 24x7 IT help desk services. Quest offers 24x7 help desk & remote monitoring management with dedicated IT professionals for your account. Whether the problem is as simple as Microsoft Excel, not opening, or a more complicated issue with your server — our IT specialists can remotely log in and fix the problem, in real-time.

Quest Basic*

  • US based call answer & support services of desktops
  • UP / Down Service Monitoring
  • Call Answer
  • Ticket Creation
  • Inform contact if escalation is required
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Quest Enhanced*

  • 24X7 SUPPORT
  • US based support of desktop, networking devices & servers
  • Hardware & Software Audits
  • Screen Connect Access Client
  • Ticket-based Workflow
  • Ticket escalation with steps to resolution
  • Patch whitelisting service
  • Multi-Vendor Antivirus Management
  • Remote restart of services
  • Full remote problem resolution
  • Patch deployment
  • Discounted Project Services
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Quest Premium*

  • Quest Enhanced+
  • 24X7 SUPPORT
  • US based support from desktop, networking devices, servers, & storage devices
  • Proactive or on-demand server restart
  • Global policy troubleshooting
  • System performance analysis & troubleshooting
  • MS Exchange health check & defragmentation
  • MS Service Pack Installation
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Quest Security*

  • 24X7 SUPPORT
  • Security Information Event Management monitoring and escalation
  • Notification
  • Ticket creation
  • Weekly compliance/ analytics reports sent
  • Monthly dashboard reports send
  • Single pane of Glass review for availability, performance, security compliance, change control alerting and reporting
  • Weekly device discovery validation
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Hardware & Software Audits; Performance & Preventative Maintenance Reports; Remote Control & Monitor; Antivirus Management; Web-based Management Portal; Desktop Performance Management; Administrative Scripting; Policy Management

Client Help Desk Includes

Personalized Answering; Windows, Mac, & Mobile Support; Administrative Tasks; Virus & Malware Removal; Software Installations


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