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Remediate Product Recalls Effectively with ISO Certified Depot Services and Global Field Service Technicians

Medical device manufacturers continuously strive for a seamless and problem-free life cycle for their products — but unforeseen recalls or other unplanned production issues can become a headache for quality departments. Not only do these hiccups divert resources from future product plans, but any mishap in managing them can tarnish a brand's image that companies work hard to maintain. Quest can develop an effective product recall management and field corrective action plan that can protect both the end-user consumer and your organization’s reputation. Whether remediation occurs in one of our global depot service centers or at the end-users location from our field services technicians — Quest will handle all notifications, remediation, and documentation per OEM specs and work directly with any regulatory agencies.

To achieve these effective and consistent results, Quest utilizes a Quality Management System (QMS) when remediating products for end-users. These healthcare devices are critical to the lives of your customer's patients, and working with an ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 partner like Quest will ensure your products are serviced and calibrated in compliance with manufacturer’s expectations every time.

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