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commercial operations

Commercial Operations

healthcare oem services

Assisting sales and marketing teams with managing rental programs, demo units, and trunk stock coordination

Quest International can support the logistics and management of products for your healthcare organization’s commercial operations. Effectively managing, receiving, testing, and shipping products for your sales and marketing needs is a necessary task but takes crucial time and resources away from improving the customer experience, product roadmaps, and other core initiatives relating to sales and marketing functions.

Evaluation & Demo Unit Management 

For marketing departments, moving and tracking medical devices from the manufacturer to and from a tradeshow can be a complicated process. For salespeople, loaning out evaluation units to prospective customers is often a required step before closing a sale, allowing clients to validate and test before committing. What happens if a device breaks while in transit or does not arrive in working condition, or ships without the proper accessories to operate the system? Quest's logistics and warehousing teams can manage the entire process, providing stringent quality checks, documentation and visibility for every step along the way.

Trunk Stock / Van Stock 

For service, sales, and repair professionals, trunk stock (or van stock) is a necessity and a significant contributor to a company's profit margins and overall customer experience. Quest can manage the inventory that mobile agents must keep on hand when making calls in the field. Through accurate tracking and thorough analytics, Quest can be your partner for efficient and centralized parts inventory management.

Rental Program Management

Another potential revenue stream for medical device manufacturers is implementing a rental program for customers looking for alternatives to purchasing. If your organization is looking for a new placement model that is more attractive than a capital sale or has refurbished or EOL devices that are typically not sold outright, they can be leased out to hospitals or medical centers —realizing revenue from assets that carry a high acquisition cost or would have been written off otherwise.

Refurbishing and Remarketing

Capital equipment generally has a finite lifecycle in markets in which they are sold. While these products may have been cutting-edge at the time of purchase, after years of service they may have outlived their functional market life and are typically replaced by ‘next generation technology’ that is considered unaffordable in most parts of the world. With our wide range of services, Quest has the ability to assist your team with refurbishment and remarketing programs, allowing you to offer ‘buy back’ services to your customers and remarket technology through an ISO 13485 compliant refurbishment program. Offering these lower-cost product options will allow your sales team to expand to new markets or regions where the cost of entry has typically been a barrier.

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