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AlphaView Surgical

The AlphaView AVC2F series of flat panel displays have been specifically engineered for surgical, OR, ER, and endoscopic applications. With today’s ever-evolving requirements in surgical environments, and constraints on space and connectivity, AlphaView has made these surgical displays available in 24”, 26”, 32”, 42” and 55” formats. Plus all AVC2F displays can be equipped with AlphaView’s innovative optional HD Wireless Video System.

All AVC2F displays are equipped with numerous HD and SD inputs for the widest available compatibility across a variety of platforms. Standard inputs include: DVI, VGA, GPIO, Serial, RS232C, SDI, S-Video and C-Video. PIP (Picture-In-Picture) and PBP (Picture-By-Picture) are available to simultaneously display crucial data or additional images on the same screen. Other features available are: Zoom, Pan, OSD Lock and Freeze.

Built within a heavy-duty aluminum IPX1 enclosure, AlphaView surgical displays come with anti-reflective glass or acrylic anti-scratch protective screens. Each display has a back cover with a pattern of VESA mounting holes, making connection to a boom arm or custom yoke an easy task. AlphaView surgical displays come equipped with all the video connections you may need. AlphaView surgical displays include:

HD Wireless Video System

AlphaView’s 60GHz HD Wireless Video System provides an easy and scalable solution to wireless video communications. This system supports real-time HD video transmission with zero frame latency. All AlphaView AVC2F displays can be configured to support the HD Wireless Video System, either at time of purchase and installation, or as a field-upgradable option. The AlphaView HD Wireless Video System consists of (1) video signal transmitter and (1) video signal receiver. Power is supplied by the related AlphaView displays through a power cable splitter.


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