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JVC 5MP Monochrome Diagnostic LCD (MS-S500)

The JVC MS-S500 is a 5MP, 21.3”, grayscale monitor for a wide range of diagnostic applications. This new i3 color series display renders more precise monochrome mammography and tomography images. The brighter screen dramatically increases the number of perceptual grayscale steps to improve the visibility of microcalcifications, tumors and structures. This new 5MP display also features a reading light and a protective glass filter. JVC’s built-in self-calibrating sensor ensures that the monitor constantly performs at its best. Click here to view a PDF brochure.

    21.3” monochrome TFT IPS LED-backlit technology
    Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 (typ)
    Luminance: 3000 cd/m² (typ) Maximum
    Calibrated Luminance: 500 cd/m² / 1000 cd/m²
    Native Resolution: 2048 x 2560
    Inputs: DVI-D & DisplayPort
    Protective Glass Filter
    Reading Light
    Human Presence Sensor

Improved Diagnostic Visibility 

MS-S500 comes with 1,000 cd/㎡ calibration to make it the best solution for breast image diagnosis. With a maximum luminance of 3000 cd/㎡, a long lifetime is secured even in this preset. A contrast ratio of 2000:1 delivers crisper images and gives radiologists confidence in breast image interpretation to improve work efficiency.

jvc cls 500 multi modality

Integrated QA Solution

QA Medivisor Agent provides calibration and QA standard testing through a straightforward user interface is effective to manage daily operation.

jvc cls 500 integrated QA solution

Auto Text Mode

Brightness is automatically adjusted on patient lists, reporting applications, and documents to reduce eye strain.

jvc cls 500 auto text mode


With the integrated color front sensor, the MS-S500 self-calibrates to the DICOM Part 14 Standard on a regular schedule.

jvc cls 300 self calibration

Built In Ambient Light Sensor
jvc cls 500 built in sensor

Premium Design

A simple and slim design for a modern look.

jvc cls 300 premium design

Space Saving

The new design of the JVC MS-S500 reduces 25% of the stand footprint compared to the conventional models.

jvc cls 300 space saving

Wire Management / DisplayPort Daisy Chains

With the DisplayPort 1.2 on the MS-S500, the use of daisy chains allows for easier wiring connections.

jvc cls 300 wire management

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