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jvc cls1200

JVC 12MP Color Diagnostic LCD (CL-S1200)

The JVC CL-S1200 is ideal for a wide range of large screen, high resolution diagnostic applications – Mammography/Tomosynthesis, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Pathology. The seamless screen, combined with a wide viewing area of 30.9 inches and a high resolution of 12 million pixels, reduces eye movement and provides a comfortable diagnostic imaging environment. The built-in self-calibrating sensor ensures that the monitor constantly performs at its best.  Click here to view a PDF brochure.

    30.9” color TFT IPS LED-backlit technology
    Contrast Ratio: 1500:1 (typ)
    Max Luminance: 1200 cd/m² (typ) 
    Calibrated Luminance: 600 cd/m²
    Native Resolution: 4200 x 2800
    Inputs: DisplayPort 1.4a
    Plug and Play DDC2B compliant

One Monitor. Multiple Images.

The JVC CL-S1200 can accurately produce images from any modality including Digital Mammography / Tomosynthesis, Ultrasound, CT, MRI and pathology imaging.

jvc cls 1200 multi modality

Dynamic Gamma

The Dynamic Gamma function (patented No. 6277984) can automatically identify pixels of monochrome and color images to display each of them with optimal gradation.

jvc cls 1200 dynamic gamma

Improved Visibility

The Turbo Luminance function can boost screen brightness and contrast to the maximum for 30 seconds to magnify identifiable grayscale gradations, helping users identify low contrast lesions on mammograms.

jvc cls 1200 dynamic gamma

Integrated QA Solution

The QA Medivisor Agent provides calibration and QA standard testing through a straightforward user friendly interface, helping manage daily operation effectively.

jvc cls 1200 integrated QA solution

Space Saving

A 30.9" wide screen with a high resolution of 12 million pixels, results in 12% space saved compared to the use of two conventional 5-megapixel monitors side by side - expanding the desk workspace.

jvc cls 1200 space saving

Stable Color

The stabilization system for luminance and color temperature can be adjusted automatically in real time. The built-in Front Color Sensor on the screen constantly captures measurements of color temperature and adjusts for changes due to long-term use that the movable front sensor cannot.

jvc cls 1200 color sensor

More Built-In Sensors
jvc cls 1200 built in sensor

Eye Comfort

The built-in Rear Light on the back of the monitor provides comfortable indirect lighting, and the built-in Reading Light on the bottom illuminates the keyboard and mouse. The brightness of both lights can be adjusted when working in a dark room.

jvc cls 1200 eye comfort

Simple Wire Management 

The JVC CL-S1200 can display a 12-megapixel high resolution image with a single DisplayPort 1.4a cable. It’s also compatible with two DisplayPort 1.2 cables. By utilizing DisplayPort, daisy chains can be created for simple wiring connections. In addition, a wire hole in the stand helps to reduce the load on the cable while raising, lowering, and rotating the screen.

jvc cls 1200 wire management

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