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Quest Network, Security & HIPAA Assessment Services

Quest Network, Security & HIPAA Assessment Services
Published October 9, 2018

Quest offers a variety of industry based compliance assessments evaluating clients networks, as well as overall IT security. Our technicians can ensure compliance in HIPAA and PCI regulations, through assessments, scans and remediation. By helping clients proactively evaluate their systems, Quest can mitigate potential future risks – efficiently and cost-effectively. Work with Quest to prevent patient data breaches & avoid costly HIPAA fines.

Our assessments are used in developing a multi-year IT business plan, building structured remediation, and developing and implementing comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) scenarios. These reports evaluate multiple layers of IT infrastructure across four primary areas: Inventory, Security, Reliability and Sustainability.

Quest offers comprehensive assessments designed to examine networks, identify potential threats and ensure HIPAA compliance with flexible advantages that include: 

  No software installation, so no one needs to know, including your current IT service provider
  No agents or probes living on your network for days, weeks, or longer (optional)
  For average to mid-sized networks scans are completed in just 30 minutes

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