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Quest International is your Ideal Medical Device Service Partner
Published July 19, 2018

In today's technological world, businesses are requiring more comprehensive solutions to complex challenges. The professionals of Quest International’s OEM Services division are prepared to provide the full range of solutions to customers that enable them to meet their business goals. At Quest International, we serve as your trusted business partner and offer a unique approach to our service helping protect your brand, increase your revenue generation, and help you scale your operations both domestically and internationally.

Quest provides dedicated resources and holds ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, and ANSI/ESD S20.20 certifications to ensure our practices and your products maintain compliance with applicable international standards and regulations. As an industry leading service provider specializing in depot repairs, field services, logistics and professional services — Quest International has the tools to accelerate the time to revenue and profit for OEM’s of all sizes. Working with Quest will help you reduce cost and risk. With decades of experience building systems and servicing solutions across a wide range of products, Quest is the ideal OEM partner. Quest’s technology innovation and extensive product testing help you deliver robust and reliable solutions to your customers.

As a proven partner for many medical device companies, Quest understands the challenges that our customers face today. Medical technology and device manufacturers face many obstacles in repairing, warehousing, and shipping their products in a timely fashion. The healthcare industry is always evolving, whether through government intervention or increased competition, but the message is clear — costs need to be driven down while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. In today’s competitive landscape, original equipment manufacturers also need to be able to accommodate sudden spikes in business, without triggering delays to their customers but reactively handling such fluctuations in-house can often be time consuming and cost-prohibitive. While servicing existing devices is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction, business growth is best achieved when a company focuses internal resources and efforts on developing and marketing their new products.


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