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Quest Cybersecurity & Ransomware Prevention Services

Quest Cybersecurity & Ransomware Prevention Services

Published October 30, 2018

In today’s increasingly risky IT environment, cyber and ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent. All organizations are vulnerable to these attacks, and every organization has vulnerabilities in their IT protection plan. While nothing can guarantee 100% protection — Quest’s IT managed services give you peace of mind. Quest provides the focus, depth, and security services to help close gaps to keep your organization safe.

The most common IT security weaknesses in organizations include:

  Malware and virus attacks
  Highly specialized attacks
  Network endpoints

Most companies that get breached aren’t aware until it’s too late. The median time to discover a breach is typically measured in months. When a breach does occur, most organizations are reluctant to inform customers or law enforcement. Well-prepared companies have a breach response plan outlined and tested. Ensure your organization is prepared and partner with Quest to develop a data protection plan.

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