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AlphaView Limited Warranty

Quest International will replace or service the defective AlphaView monitor utilizing our industry-leading 5 Year Warranty Program. The 5 year warranty period commences on the original shipping date of the unit from Quest International, or an authorized Quest International / AlphaView distributor or reseller.

The first year of this warranty period is covered under an Advanced Exchange Program.

Years 2 through 5 of the Limited Warranty are covered under a Depot Service Program.

This warranty is valid only for the first consumer purchaser and it not transferable.

Advanced Exchange Program:
Warranty Limitations and Exclusions regarding AlphaView Displays
Depot Warranty (Years 2 through 5) Return Procedure:

Here is the simple procedure to follow if you have a non-functioning AlphaView display and the first year of the warranty period has passed.

Quest's customer-service staff will attempt to correct any minor issues that may be causing the problem. Once Quest has determined the customer has a non-functioning product, Quest will arrange for return and repair of the non-functioning product.

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