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OEM Services

Extending Product Life Cycles of
Medical Devices


As competition in the healthcare industry grows year over year, OEMs need every resource they can find to maximize budget expenditures while still maintaining customer satisfaction. Providing repair services and routine maintenance is imperative to keeping customers happy, but devoting key employees to such endeavors can take time away from more crucial business objectives. By acting as an extension of the manufacturer, Quest International can provide prompt, reliable repair services — while OEM's focus on core business like increasing sales and new product development.

Medical Devices: In Vitro Diagnostics, Cardiology, Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Orthopedics, Opthalmics, Endoscopy, Dental

Depot Repair Process

When a product arrives at a Quest repair center an RMA / reverse logistics process is triggered. Quest's experienced engineers and technicians will test and evaluate the device,
identify the malfunctioning part(s), and source its replacement per OEM standards.  Depending on its needs, the product will be repaired, refurbished, reworked or upgraded.
We'll then carefully re-assemble the device with the new component and calibrate it to the device manufacturer's specifications. Our quality control will validate the serviced
product and verify documentation. Upon completion, the product will be shipped to the end-user or to a warehouse as a refurbished goods inventory.
When needed, Quest is equipped with a decontamination area and clean room to handle devices that warrant such process.

Quest's field services division can provide preventative and corrective maintenance as well as upgrade and installation of medical devices at its customer's site.
Our certified technicians know the importance of first time fix and are committed to deliver and meet the SLA expectations in this critical care environment.
Representing our medical device customer, Quest's field services team can provide reliable service to maintain a great customer experience.

As a general quality standard, Quest maintains the ISO 9001 certification standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services
that meet customer and regulatory requirements. For our work in the healthcare field, Quest maintains ISO 13485 which is used by organizations throughout
the life cycle of a medical device, from initial conception to production and post-production, including final decommission and disposal. ISO 13485 also covers
aspects such as storage, distribution, installation and servicing, and the provision of associated services. Quest also is also ISO 14001 certified, which helps us
monitor our environmental impact through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste — gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of potential
customers. In addition, our ANSI/ESD S20.20 Electrostatic Discharge Certification ensures safe and proper handling of static sensitive products and devices.

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