IT Services

IT as a Service

ITaaS from Quest keeps your systems operational and employees productive.

ITaaS transforms how we provide responsive, comprehensive service that resolves issues rapidly. ITaaS includes Core Infrastructure Management, End-User and Device Services and IT Management. Security Services and Business Continuity are available as added service options.

With ITaaS, Quest keeps your IT systems operational and employees productive so that you can focus on the demands of growing your business, and not diverting attention to day-to-day IT tasks.

Some features of IT as a Service through Quest include:

Employee Services
Server Services
Site Services
Universal Services
Optional Services

Quest will provide on a monthly / quarterly basis, with a roll-up of availability and performance on customer's environment. A high level executive summary table will present the overall view, further detail heat map by category and device resource graphs.


Quest will provide monitoring on a monthly / quarterly basis on:

Application specific reports will include:

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