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Storage and Archiving Solutions

While the benefits of transforming an office wasteland of files, charts and reports are obvious, choosing the right storage or archiving option isn’t.  Storage solutions are complex.  They can be confusing and overwhelming. 

Quest International takes the guess work out of storage and archiving.  Our IT Professionals are experts in all areas of storage and archiving solutions.  Quest’s vast knowledgebase and IT hardware expertise insures that any storage and archiving solution will meet all privacy, regulatory and industry accepted requirements. Quest offers storage and archiving solutions in both Disc and Tape formats.

Quest provides sales, on-site maintenance and depot repair services for all leading storage and archive product manufacturers including:

Storage and Archiving Solutions
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • HP
  • Hitachi
  • IBM
  • NetApp 
  • Nexsan
  • Qualstar
  • StorageTek
  • Sun

Quest Is an Authorized Reseller Storage and Archive products by leading manufacturers including:

HP Storage and Archiving Solutions
Complete line of HP Storage Products

View all HP Storage and Archiving Solutions

Nexsan Storage and Archiving Solutions
Complete line of Nexan  Products

Nexsan is a leading provider of next generation energy efficient disk-based storage systems designed for the long-term storage of digital information. Their hardware and software systems are ideal for storing and archiving information commonly referred to as "fixed content", since it typically changes little over time. This includes medical images, email, business documents, video images, research data, and digital media of all types. Nexsan solutions enable organizations to store and access growing amounts of fixed content over longer periods of time, while meeting evolving business and compliance requirements in a "green" environment.

View all Nexan Storage and Archiving Solutions

 Qualstar Storage and Archiving Solutions
Complete line of Qualstar Products

Qualstar designs and manufactures libraries for the popular AIT and LTO tape formats, housing up to 96 tape drives and 9600 cartridges. Over twenty-five models provide combinations of capacity and throughput to match any storage management requirement.

View all Qualstar Storage and Archiving Solutions

Upgrade Options
Quest offers a variety of programs designed to help your facility upgrade or replace your existing Storage and Archiving products.  Our IT professionals will work with you to determine your facilities specific needs and provide the best upgrade option for you.  As an added benefit, we offer generous customized buy-back and trade-in plans based on your current technology and upgrade requirements. 


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